Poems in Place

Just a head's up that this weekend is the Poems in Place event!  This awesome statewide program places selected poetry into a designated state park each year in the form of an interpretive sign- goal being to further connect people with place through artistic and literary means.   Our lovely Caine's Head State Park is this year's recipient.  One poem will be placed at Lowell Pt beach, the other on the trail to Fort McGilvery.   Come join this wonderful opportunity to celebrate poetry and wilderness with our community.   Events include: 

-A Creative Writing/Hiking Workshop, 9-12 am, Saturday Sept 19,  Outdoor ramble with poetry prompts mixed in along Tonsina Trail.  Meet at the Lowell Pt trailhead, bring something to write with and outdoor appropriate gear to hang in the weather mother nature provides.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!!    

-Poetry Dedication 1:30-3:30, Saturday, Sept 19 Waterfront Pavilion.  History talk by Doug Capra about the Fort, transition to Lowell Pt. for the poetry unveiling and reading of the Caine's Head State Park poems, mingling, and refreshments!   

-Fort McGilvery Outing, Sunday Sept 20.   Meet at North Beach at 10 a.m. to hike up to the Fort for the unveiling and dedication of the second poem.  Participants must provide their own transportation to the site: boat, hiking, paddling.    


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