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Art Opportunity!

🗻  🚞  Request for Proposals for the Alaska Territory Purchase 🌊  🌄 Mural Project 2017 The Seward Arts Council/Seward Mural Society is requesting proposals for artwork and design of 2 small murals, commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Alaska Territory Purchase. Overview of Projects 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the purchase of the Alaska Territory, these mural projects will be part of the celebrations and events commemorating it throughout the state. With William H. Seward as U. S. Secretary of State, and our town's namesake, these artworks are part of our tribute. * Seward area artists will have first preference in the RFP process, and if need be, statewide solicitation. Theme and Size A theme can can be illustrated in many ways. The size of the projects will be 4 x 8 feet each. One of the murals, will be mounted at the entrance of the Seward Chamber of Commerce, and the other mural’s location to be announced. Artwork/D

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