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Donation Form & Membership Application

Support all of the arts in Seward, Alaska, by becoming a member of the Seward Arts Council. The mission of Seward Arts Council (SAC) is to foster the appreciation, education, and understanding of the arts by promoting cultural opportunities, performances, instruction, and exhibitions. The Seward Arts Council is the umbrella organization for the Seward Mural Society, the Seward Music & Arts Festival, Port City Players, the Seward Community Band, and the Seward Community Winter Family Movie Series, and its Board governs all of them. Why join? The arts are at the heart of our community. Music, theater, and visual arts sustain traditions, create culture, and bring people together. Your support is an investment in our collective quality of life.  How can you help? You can support the arts by becoming a member of the Seward Arts Council, volunteer your time, or donate money.  Another easy way to support the Seward Arts Council comes each year when you sign up for your permanent fund divi